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Typically the "maintenance required" light will begin by blinking when you first start your Toyota vehicle and blinks a few times before turning off. If the light continues to be ignored it will turn on when you start your vehicle and stay on until the oil in your vehicle is changed or another required service is performed.

the o/m lists what maintenance needs to be done. tires and inspections every 5,000 miles, oil and filter every 10,000 miles or annually. cabin filter every 15,000 and engine air filter every 30,000. you may want to change the tranny oil as a precaution, not required by toyota.

You will find the maintenance required light on the dashboard of the Toyota Camry. Labeled as MAINT REQD, the light reminds the driver about the due time of an oil change. Labeled as MAINT REQD, the light reminds the driver about the due time of an oil change.

The maintenance required light is standard in all newer Toyota vehicles, and helps insure long life and dependability by making sure factory maintenance intervals are met. Toyota Tundra: Maintenance Required Light Meaning. The maint reqd light means that Toyota recommends servicing your Tundra soon. Depending on what the vehicle mileage is when

I have a 2006 Toyota Corolla-S, 5 speed. The maintenance required light is on, usually then this light come on I'll get an oil change and the light will go out. This time the light came on not long after I had gotten an oil change.

If the driver neglects a service light, such as the "MAINTENANCE REQUIRED" light, he or she runs the risk of damaging the engine, or worse - ending up stranded on the side of the road or causing an accident.