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When your check engine light comes on in a Subaru, it disables the cruise control (thus why it is flashing). Take it to your local dealer, it's still under warranty. Check Engine light comes on due

Don't fret the check engine light, it might not be something serious. Try our anecdotes and if it doesn't work, we'd be happy to diagnose the light for you. Stratham, NH New, Exeter Subaru sells and services Subaru vehicles in the greater Stratham area

I have a 2006 Forester w/117,000 miles. The check engine light and flashing cruise control light came on, I disconnected the battery at other's suggestions, it came back on about 3 days later, I tried the gas cap trick, replaced the air filter and about every other thing that I have read online.

Check engine light, Traction Control, and the blinking cruise. I started to freak out and I came across this page on the forum. I read about the o2 sensor and stuff cuz I just got a invidia downpipe and mxp headers installed with a o2 bypass thingy. Sounded too complicated so i looked for another solution.

Or the light may be nothing more than a picture of an engine, known as the International Check Engine Symbol, perhaps with the word "Check". In late model Subaru's, when the check engine light is illuminated, your Subaru may turn on other warning lights (cruise control, VDC, Hill Holder, X-Mode, etc).

check engine light on and cruise control light flashing Problem occured this morning on way to work. Hoping Subaru can tell me something about this cruise control circuit. Cruise control would not activate after this occured. Owners manual said it may be due to my gas cap not being properly tightened after refueling. I'll try that to!