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Yesterday the check engine light on my toyota camry started flashing and I took my car to advance autoparts for engine LIGHT check. They checked and it just said misfiring. The guy said one of the spark plug is not getting the spark or it could be the bad spark plug wire set or it could be the ignition coil.

To turn off the check engine light on a 1999 Toyota Camry you can disconnect the battery. This will only reset the check engine light. So if there is a persistant problem with the engine, the

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Check Engine Light is On. Toyota dashboard warning lights and indicators can be an utter mystery to many drivers and. when that check engine light flickers to life in your new Toyota Prius, it can be extremely aggravating. Frustrated by the thought of having to take your vehicle into the local service department in

1999 Toyota Camry engine problems with 199 complaints from Camry owners. The worst complaints are check engine light on, engine surges periodically, and engine seized.

Check Engine Light Toyota Camry-Don't Panic! The Check Engine light on your Toyota Camry (also known as a Malfunction Indicator Light, MIL), when illuminated, usually means there's a problem with the vehicle's emissions system. If the onboard computer gets a reading that's a bit out of whack, the check engine light comes on.

Question: The check engine light is on a solora camry car. the car is a 1999 year, the mileage is 159,000. the size engine is 6 cylinder. this car is surpose to have a new engine with 59,000 miles on it. I have no symptons so far. I just noticed the engine light. - Robin, August 2008. Answer: Hi Connie, thanks for contacting us.